Can I delete my Indeed account and start over?

If you wish to use Indeed again after closing your account, you can create a new account using the same or any other email address, however, you will not have access to any of your original information. If you do not see the option to close your account, submit a request to our support team for further assistance.

How do I delete Indeed from my phone?

Step #1: Open Indeed. Tap the username. Tap close my account. Tap close my account.

How do I cancel my Indeed membership?

Go to and sign in. Click on the Subscription management link on the upper right-hand corner. On the right-hand side of the list of subscriptions, select the three dots icon. Select Cancel subscription from the drop-down. Select Cancel subscription.

How do I permanently delete my Indeed 2022 account?

As a job seeker, you can close your account by signing in to your Account page. Click the Close My Account link. You will see a confirmation window. If you are certain that you would like to proceed, click on Close my account.

How do I delete my employer Indeed account 2022?

Sign in to your account @ Locate and click on Subscription Management in the upper-right corner of your screen. Select and locate the three dots. From the drop-down, select Cancel Subscription. Confirm by selecting “No thanks” and continue canceling.

Can I have 2 Indeed accounts?

Multiple users (emails) can be given access to one employer account, and/or a user can have access to multiple employer accounts. Additional users added to an employer account can be assigned various levels of access.

How do I remove my credit card details from Indeed?

Visit and Sign In to your account. Click on your email address in the top right-hand corner. Select Payment Method in the drop-down menu. Use the Edit link to update your credit card number, billing address, or contact information.

How do you delete Indeed apps?

Go to the Jobs section and click Edit next to a job where you'd like to remove the Apply with Indeed button. Select the Application Form tab. Scroll down to the Application preferences section and toggle the button under Apply with Indeed to No. Click Save.

How much does Indeed charge per click?

The cost of posting a job on Indeed starts at $0. Sponsored job postings range from $0.10 to $5 per click. The cost-per-click is for each job seeker who clicks on your post, even if they don't apply. For more information on how to post a job, and the details surrounding free and sponsored posts, just keep reading!

How much does an Indeed subscription cost?

Account administrators can purchase subscriptions on Indeed Resume today and choose from the following subscription options: the “Standard” subscription that costs $100 per month and grants you 30 new contacts a month, or the “Professional” subscription that costs $250 per month and grants you 100 new contacts a month.

How do I find my Indeed account?

In order to view your Indeed Resume, you can sign in to your account at any time. In your account, you will have the chance to edit or download your resume. You can also reach your profile at any time by clicking on the admin icon in the top right corner, and then Profile.

How do I make my Indeed profile private?

Sign in to your account and navigate to your Indeed Resume. Find the pencil icon in the top right corner of the Indeed Resume section. In the top right corner of the next page, select the three dots next to Public or Private and select Privacy. Choose Public or Private and select Save.

Can my employer see my Indeed activity?

Employers do not have access to your Indeed Profile at all. This is kept completely confidential. They are not able to see other jobs you have applied for or any notes that you may have in your account.

Is Indeed a trusted site?

Indeed online is a fraud company, 1st they will call you for registration and another person will call for verification we have to to pay 9200 and another person calls you for appointment letter to pay 8200 and another person will call and ask to pay 9999 and refund will happen next day but then they will say it takes …

Is Indeed safe?

Storing your personal information on Indeed is as safe as with most other reputable online services or businesses that have your personal information. That is to say, it is wise to remember data breaches are still common, and few online databases are completely secure.

How long does it take to post a job on Indeed?

Posting a job typically takes 10 minutes or less Once you've gathered all of the information you need for your job post, submitting your job post to Indeed typically takes 10 minutes or less.

Can you see who viewed your resume on Indeed?

If you find a job posting on Indeed but are directed to a third-party site in order to apply, know that we are unable to track whether the employer has viewed your application, and you will need to contact the employer directly for any application status updates.

How do I stop getting emails from Indeed?

Open an email alert you received from Indeed. Scroll to the bottom of the email. Click the 'unsubscribe' button.

How do I withdraw my application?

After careful consideration, I would like to withdraw my application for the job. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to interview me and to share information on the opportunity and your company. Again, thank you for your consideration and the time you shared.

Is it free to post a job on Indeed?

Posting a job on Indeed is free*. A free* Indeed job posting shows up in general search results, but you can also pay to Sponsor your jobs to attract candidates faster. How do I advertise a job on Indeed? To advertise a job on Indeed, log in to your employer account and create a free* or Sponsored Indeed job posting.