Can I use iTunes without a credit card?

Other Ways to Use iTunes Without a Credit Card To purchase something that’s not free from the iTunes Store, you must provide a payment method. If you don’t want to put a credit card on file, you can use an iTunes gift card or PayPal. To redeem a gift card, go to Account > Redeem in iTunes.

How do I use a iTunes gift card without a credit card?

But you can create an account without needing a credit card. Go to the main iTunes Store page, click the Redeem link on the right side, and enter in the code from the card when requested. You’ll be given the opportunity to select “none” when asked for a credit card.

Do you have to put a payment method on iTunes?

If you have an existing Apple ID Apple requires a payment method on file if you are the family organizer for a Family Sharing group, and for accounts set up for children under 13. In iOS and iPadOS: Go to Settings > account name > Payment & Shipping.

Why does Apple ID need my credit card?

It won’t use your credit card, but a credit card is required for verification the first time you make a purchase using an Apple ID. The App Store will always use your available balance before charging your CC.

Can you skip adding card to Apple ID?

There are two ways to bypass credit card Apple ID issue. You can either create a new Apple ID without providing credit card information or use your existing Apple ID but remove the credit card payment method from it. You can change your payment information from your Apple ID anytime and set it to None.

Are iTunes accounts free?

No, you do not need to pay anything for an AppleID or iTunes account (they are the same).

How do you pay for iTunes?

In your iPhone settings, tap on your Apple ID and select Payment & Shipping. Tap on Add Payment Method. Select your preferred payment method.

How can I pay my iPhone without a credit card?

Apple Pay. 1. Most credit and debit cards. PayPal. 2. Apple ID balance (from redeeming Apple Gift Card or adding funds).

How can I buy from App Store without credit card?

You can purchase a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc, gift card with cash, check, etc, at these supermarkets and then use the number on the front wherever they ask for a credit card number. (This method is actually a preferred method for the security-conscience as well.

Why can’t I download apps on my Iphone without payment method?

In order to download free iOS apps without having payment information on file with Apple, you will need to create a new iTunes account. For more information about this, please see which describes the process for setting up a new account without payment information.

How do I select none for payment method?

Open the App Store app ‘ select free app ‘ tap on Get ‘ When asked to sign in with an Apple ID, tap Create New Apple ID ‘ Go ahead with the onscreen instructions ‘ None when you are asked to select a payment method.

Why is Apple asking for my billing info for free apps?

It helps identify you, verify your country and your age (indirectly). You can set it to None if you don’t have any subscriptions paid through your iTunes account. If it isn’t recognizing your credit card, here are some of the possible reasons: Insufficient balance or account in arrears.

How do I bypass Apple add payment method?

In the Account Settings section, tap on “Payment Information”. Under ‘Payment Method’, choose “None”. If you can’t choose none or none does not exist. Alternative change payment method. Tap on “Done” when finished adjusting your settings.

How do I bypass App Store payment verification?

On your device, go to Settings > Your Name > Payment & Shipping. Enter your Apple ID password, if asked. Then you may do one of the following: Add a new payment method: Tap Add Payment Method. You can add a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Why can’t I download apps without a payment method?

Normally, every Account needs to have a valid payment method, even for free apps or updates. You can, however, Change your payment method to None. You will not be able to do this if there’s an outstanding balance in your account.

How much do I have to pay for iTunes?

The cost is $9.99 per month. This gives you access to a vast number of songs, but obviously if you terminate the subscription you can no longer play the songs. Downloaded songs can only be played on the device which downloaded them, and therefore cannot be loaded onto any other iPod than the Touch. Great thanks!

How much does it cost to join iTunes?

So, how much is iTunes a month? Well, the standard subscription price is $9.99 per regular user. There is also a student subscription which costs $4.99. The best of all, in the users ‘opinion, is the family subscription which costs $14.99 per month.

How does the iTunes subscription work?

As a subscriber, you can listen any time”online or off”and create your own playlists, stream and download lossless and Dolby Atmos audio files, get personalized recommendations, see music your friends are listening to, watch exclusive video content, and more.

How do you pay for music on iPhone?

Apple Card. Apple Pay. 1. Apple Cash. Most credit and debit cards. PayPal. 2. Apple ID balance (from redeeming Apple Gift Card or adding funds).

How do I buy music on iTunes with a debit card?

Log into the iTunes Store, click on your logon ID, select Account from the dropdown, select “Edit” next to the Payment Type, and then select the type of card your debit card is (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) Input your information and Save.