Can you call an Uber over the phone?

Dial 1-833-USE-UBER (1-833-873-8237) from your cell phone to talk to an Uber team member who will help you create an Uber account and request a ride. You will need to call from a cell phone that can receive text messages.

How do I talk to someone with Uber?

To speak with an agent, go to Help in your Uber Driver app, then tap Call Support.

What is Uber's 1 800 number?

Uber has a 24/7 local support line for general customer service: 800-593-7069.

How do I contact Uber to dispute a charge?

You can submit a request for a refund or a general complaint about your ride to Uber's customer service team at or in the app within 30 days of encountering an issue.

How do I contact Uber by email?

Log in to Your Uber Account. Open the web browser of your choice and go to Find Your Help Topic. To email Uber about a specific issue, click where it says “Help” in the upper righthand corner. Use the Contact Form to Email Uber.

Why did Uber charge me if I didnt ride?

If you requested a ride but your driver didn't show up, it may be that another rider accidentally took the ride. To prevent a similar issue in the future, you can turn on Verify Your Ride in the app to receive a 4-digit PIN that helps your driver confirm you're in the right car.

Why am I getting charged 24.99 for Uber?

Might Be a Temporary Authorization Hold. If you recently took a ride and see a duplicate charge from Uber, it's most likely a temporary authorization hold. Uber places a hold when you request a ride in the amount of the upfront or estimated fare price. It's a security measure to prevent fraud.

Why is Uber taking money out of my account?

It won't ever be charged. We issue authorization holds as a way to better protect against fraud that may result from unauthorized card usage. You may see an authorization hold if you recently added a new payment method, or if you haven't used Uber in a while.

Why is Uber charging me 9.99 a month?

Uber One is a new membership that provides Rides as well as Eats discounts for $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. You can cancel your membership within the app up to 48 hours prior to the next scheduled payment without being charged.

Can I cancel an Uber and not get charged?

You can cancel a trip at any time through the Uber app, but may be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel after you're matched with your driver. Cancellation fees pay drivers for the time and effort they spend getting to your location.

How do I get a refund from Uber?

Open the Uber app. Tap the three lines at the top-left corner to access the menu. Tap “Your trips.” Ensure “Past” is selected at the top. Tap the trip for which you would like to request a refund. Tap “I would like a refund.”.

How do you cancel an Uber subscription?

Tap the profile icon. Tap “Uber One.”. Scroll and tap “Manage Membership.”. Select “End Membership” and then “End Membership” again to cancel your membership.

How do I cancel my Uber account?

Open the Uber app and tap the menu icon at the top left. Select “Settings,” then “Privacy settings”. Tap “Delete Account”. Follow the remaining steps in the app to complete the process.

Can I dispute an Uber charge with my bank?

How to Dispute an Uber Charge Through Your Bank. If you've attempted to get your charge reversed through Uber but have reached an impasse, your next best option is to contact your bank or credit card company for a chargeback.

Does Uber automatically charge your card?

Your fare is automatically calculated and charged to the payment method you've linked to your Uber account. In some cities, you can pay your fare in cash. If available, this option must be selected within the app before you request a ride.

How much is Uber subscription?

One membership to save on Uber and Uber Eats Become a member for just $9.99/month. Use your benefits wherever Uber and Uber Eats are available within the US.

How much do you tip Uber drivers?

For U.S. rides, she recommends tipping between 15 and 20 percent for exceptional service, 10 to 15 for good service, and 10 percent for average service. “Many Uber trips can be more expensive than a standard cab.

Do you tip Uber drivers?

You can tip your driver once your trip is complete. Tips are neither expected nor required. After a trip has ended, you have 30 days to add a tip in the app, on, or from your emailed trip receipt.

How do I know if my scheduled Uber ride is confirmed?

How do I Confirm my Uber Reservation? You can click on the Scheduled ride icon inside the app at any time between making the reservation and the scheduled ride time. The app will show you the trip details and also let you tap to make any changes.

Why is it so hard to cancel Uber Pass?

It seems that you have to be in the same city where you purchased the pass to be able to cancel it. So, if you can't cancel your Uber Pass, this may be the reason. The Uber app will not show the “pass section” option if you moved from the city.