Can you cancel a Curology shipment?

A shipment that has already been purchased cannot be cancelled. Once it is purchased it is sent to our lab to be formulated. Because of this please adjust your shipments or cancel your account 2 business days ahead of a new shipment to ensure these changes can be applied in time.

How do I cancel a processing on Curology?

Log into your Curology account. Go to your payment page under the dropdown menu. Click on ‘I want to cancel’ at the bottom of the page. Complete the follow up questions. Provide a reason for cancelling. Confirm the cancellation.

Will Curology refund me if I cancel?

You must contact to cancel your subscription and request a refund at any time on or before the 90th day after the completion of your treatment plan, including the day the consultation is completed.

Is Curology worth the money?

Curology’s mission is to simplify skin care and make prescription products affordable and accessible. According to consumer reviews, Curology does a good job at that. While online dermatology might not be for everyone, Curology is a worthwhile option for those who have concerns related to acne and skin aging.

How much does Curology really cost?

Depending on how many add-ons you order, Curology can cost anywhere from $39.90 to $89.80 a shipment (or $19.95 to $44.90 if you break it down by month).

Does Curology automatically charge you every month?

Each subscription bills by shipment. The minimum commitment is $39.90 per 2 months + free shipping and tax when applicable. If a shipping date is adjusted, the associated billing date will also be adjusted. We’ll automatically charge your payment information on file when your shipment processes.

Can I skip a month of Curology?

Once you have purchased a shipment, you won’t be able to pause or postpone it as they start making your product, but if you want your next shipment after a few months, you can go to the shipments page on your account and change the dates.

What does 90 day money back guarantee mean?

Definition of money-back guarantee : a promise that the money a person spent on a product will be returned if the product is not good enough The software comes with a money-back guarantee.

How much is Curology after free trial?

How much does Curology cost? There are several Curology subscription plans available, depending on exactly what you need and if you want to pay monthly or bimonthly: – 1 month supply (14 mL) for $19.95 per month plus $4.95 for shipping. – 2 month supply (27 mL) for $39.90 every two months with free shipping.

How long does Curology take to ship?

Shipping Frequency Once you sign up and receive your provider’s treatment plan, a trial bottle of your formula should ship out within 3 business days (if not sooner). Your first paid shipment will ship out after your free trial ends (30 days after your trial is shipped).

Why did Curology stop working?

Troubleshooting your skincare routine. There are a few possible reasons why your efforts to get rid of acne with your Curology custom formula might not seem to be working: You’re using too much and/or too often. You’re using too little and/or not often enough.

Is Curology FDA approved?

Is Curology FDA approved? The ingredients used in their formulas are all FDA approved. But, the personalized bottles that are created for individuals are not FDA approved.

Why does Curology burn my face?

In the first few weeks of adjusting to topical acne prescription, it’s normal to get temporary dryness, increased breakouts, flaking, redness, mild itching, or stinging ” especially if your formula contains tretinoin.

Is Curology better than Proactiv?

Plus, Curology is affordable like Proactiv as well, even though their formulas are more potent. Both should be tried, but it is apparent that Curology offers a much more personalized treatment.

How long does Curology purging last?

The good news: the purging period is only temporary! We know it’s easier said than done, but try to be patient ” it should all clear up within 6″8 weeks. The other good news: there are steps you can take to slow purging and calm your skin, so you can start seeing the skin-clearing power of Curology sooner!

How long should I use Curology?

Keep your routine simple and stick with it for at least two months! Look for breakout triggers.

How much does Curology cost monthly?

The small custom formula ships and bills monthly, and costs $19.95 per month (plus $4.95 for shipping). The large custom formula ships and bills every two months at a price of $39.90 per shipment (with free shipping).

When should I change my Curology formula?

Before you make a change, it’s important you give your current formula a chance. If you’re less than 6 weeks into your current formula, we recommend trying the following before you explore a change: Give it time. Try giving your skin at least 6 weeks to adjust to your prescription.

How do I call Curology?

Email us at Text us at (415) 200-2060.

Do you need an ID for Curology?

After signing up, members between the ages of 13 and 18 will be required to include a parent or guardian’s name, email, and phone number and in some states a photo of their parent or guardian’s ID.