How can I recover my Keepsafe account without email?

We know this is disappointing, but as much as we want to help, we must stick to our security principles. That’s why there is no way to get into a Keepsafe account without access to the verified email address.

How do I change my email address on Keepsafe?

Open your Keepsafe app. Go to Keepsafe settings. Choose ‘Account’ (on iOS – ‘General’>’Manage’). Then tap ‘Add email’ and insert a new email address you’d like to register. You’ll receive a verification link to this email address – please click on the link to verify it!

How do I access my old Keepsafe account?

Open Keepsafe on your device, and when you see the PIN screen, just press “forgot PIN’ at the top of the screen. We’ll send an access code to your verified email account. When you get the code, enter it into Keepsafe, and set up a new PIN.

Can I access my Keepsafe from another phone?

You can log into as many devices as you like and access the same account. Simply use the same primary verified email address to log in.

How do I get my old pictures from Keepsafe?

To help you get back photos from Keepsafe, we recommend you to use some professional iPhone data recovery tools like PhoneRescue for iOS, which can help you scan the deleted photos on Keepsafe, after scanning, you can view deleted photos and choose what you want to recover.

Does Keepsafe deleted photos?

The Keepsafe app indeed offers the option of recovering deleted photos. Keepsafe app’s premium and trial users can recover photos from the trash folder. Private cloud recovery will work so long as you have activated that feature on the device you are trying to recover content from.

How do I contact Keepsafe customer service?

Keepsafe apps ” Go to your Keepsafe Menu > Choose Help & Info > Contact Support to send us an email. Direct email ” Contact us at .

What happens if I delete Keepsafe?

Please be aware, simply deleting your app will not cancel your subscription . You must cancel your subscription with either the PlayStore or AppStore.

Can I access my Keepsafe online?

Currently the only place that you can access the Keepsafe login is through the app on your mobile device.

Where are Keepsafe files stored?

The . keepsafe folder should be found in your device’s root folder; along with folders such as “Android”, for example.

Can Keepsafe see my pictures?

Protecting your privacy is the whole point of Keepsafe. Unless you ask us to, we don’t look at your photos, videos, or anything else on your device. We have systems in place so that our employees can only ever access your content with explicit consent from you.

How do you decrypt Keepsafe files?

The only way to decrypt your files is by unlocking your Photo Vault using your Keepsafe PIN or facial/fingerprint authentication”if enabled. Encrypting your content ensures other apps cannot read or open your files unless you specifically say so.

Is Keepsafe monitored?

This rapid growth lead to a small hurdle: KeepSafe had been using Google Analytics to monitor their user behavior. When they exceeded the limit on hits per month for the free service, Google upgraded them to premium, serving them a price tag of $150K for the year ” for the exact same product they’d been using for free.

Can I cancel my Keepsafe?

Go to the “Subscriptions” page in Google Play (either from your Android device or from the web, by accessing ). Log into your correct Google Play account and cancel by going to: Account > Subscriptions > Keepsafe > Manage > Cancel > Confirm.

How do you unblock Keepsafe?

Log into your Keepsafe account. Tap the 2 lines in the upper left corner. Tap on General. Tap ‘Unlock all albums’. We will then send you an access code to your primary email address. Check your email inbox, retrieve the code. Enter the code at the same page where you requested it. Tap ‘Unlock’.

Is Keepsafe backup safe?

Keepsafe provides a protected space on your iPhone, Android, or tablet to keep important things safe like private photos, videos and files. Keepsafe uses military grade encryption. To ensure privacy, Keepsafe has no system IT admins or employees that can access or view your content.

Is Keepsafe Photo vault safe?

Keepsafe secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption. It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos. With Keepsafe, you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space.

What do people use Keepsafe for?

KeepSafe might be one of them. It’s an app that creates a private photo vault on your phone, so that you can file away sensitive pictures from others. You can also share photos with others, or send them for a limited time like on Snapchat or Facebook’s Poke app.

Can private photo vault be hacked?

No technology is one hundred percent secure. However, due to the realities of data security, Private Photo Vault is unable to guarantee that any information provided to us will not be accessed, hacked, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by unauthorized parties.

Is Keepsafe end to end encrypted?

How we do it. Keepsafe uses cipher AES-256 encryption, considered among the most secure in the world and “bank-level” or “military-grade” across all of its privacy and security apps.