How do I access my AT&T account?

Go to on your smartphone or tablet. Text the word myATT to 556699 from any device. We’ll send you a link so you can download the app. Sign in to the app with the same ID and password you use to manage your account on”your AT&T user ID and password.

How do I view my AT&T TV bill online?

Go to Your bill. If you have more than one service, choose the bill you want to view. Your previous bill activity and current bill will display. Expand sections to see more details. To pay your bill, select Make a payment. To see a copy of your paper bill, select View paper bill.

How do I find my ATT Wireless account?

Sign in to myAT& Go to Profile. Select Sign-in info. Scroll to My linked accounts.

How do I pay my AT&T TV bill?

Go to Make payment in your myAT&T account. Enter your payment details and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

How do I log into my AT&T Iphone?

Navigate to and select the. myAT&T app. Select Get started. Enter your User ID and Password, then select Sign in. Your AT&T account will be displayed. Select the More tab to access your Account overview, Billing & payments, and more.

Why can’t I log into myATT account?

After six unsuccessful sign in attempts are made within a 24-hour period, your account is locked. You can unlock your account by performing a Password Reset, or reattempting to login after one hour. To perform a password reset follow these instructions: Go to your myAT&T Profile.

How can I access my AT&T account without password?

Thanks for the post. You can go to myAT&T sign-in page and select Forgot password? Complete the Password section. Choose temporary password or security questions, and follow the prompts.

How do I pay my AT&T bill online?

Go to Make a payment. If your account has a passcode and you forgot it, learn how to reset or change it. If you manage multiple accounts, choose the bill you want to pay. Review the payment amount and change if necessary. Follow the prompts to submit your payment.

How do I view my AT&T payment history?

Go to My bill. Scroll to and select Payments. Have multiple accounts? From the dropdown, choose the account you want to view. Under your recent payments, select More payment history.

How do I find my ATT account number and PIN?

Account number: This can usually be found in the upper right-hand corner of any bill or invoice, or in your online account. PIN number: Your PIN is the 4 digits you give your carrier when you call in. To change your PIN log in to your profile. You can call AT&T at 1-800-331-0500.

How can I pay my AT&T bill without login?

Go to Choose your service. Enter your AT&T phone number or account info and ZIP Code. Enter your payment amount and details.

How do I pay my ATT DIRECTV bill online?

Go to Billing & Payments. To make a one-time payment in the Amount area, enter how much you would like to pay. Then choose a payment type: Credit or Debit Card or Checking Account. Follow the prompts to process payment.

How do I pay my AT&T DIRECTV bill by phone?

Call 800.531. 5000 and say “make a payment” when prompted to pay using our automated system. When making a payment with an agent a one-time processing fee of $5 may apply.

What is the number to pay AT&T bill?

Pay by Phone. To pay by phone, dial 611 from your AT&T wireless device or call 800.331. 0500 from any phone in the United States.

Why can’t I log into myATT email account?

A password reset fixes almost every type of sign in problem. If your email is linked to an account, you can also sign in on and reset your password there. After resetting your password, if you’re still having problems, try clearing the cache and cookies and relaunch your browser.