How do I activate a device on Crunchyroll?

Once you successfully manage to launch Crunchyroll from the channels list, select Sign in and take note of the activation code that appears on the screen. From your mobile device browser (Android or iOS) or macOS or Windows browser, go to the Activation page of

Where do I enter Crunchyroll code?

Just go to and enter your code. beardfist wrote: Just go to and enter your code.

How do I log into Crunchyroll?

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your Crunchyroll Email or username, and then select OK. Use the +Control Pad or Left Stick to highlight Password, and then press the A Button. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your Crunchyroll password, and then select OK.

How do I get a free Crunchyroll account?

Navigate to the Crunchyroll signup page. Enter your email address, username, gender and birthday. Opt out of marketing unless you want it. Sign up for the 14 day trial or remain free for now.

Why is my Crunchyroll not working?

On your console, clear your CACHE, and then delete the APP DATA (in that order) before uninstalling, deactivating/unlinking your device from the My Devices page, and reinstalling the Crunchyroll app. Mobile users: Please see the Android or iOS section of our Knowledge Base.

Where is my devices on Crunchyroll?

Profile > Settings > My Devices > Deactivate any devices that you do not recognize. That should get rid of most of it. However, if they set a cookie on their PC, they might still be able to use that until the cookie expires.

Does Crunchyroll have codes?

Yes, codes. The guess passes? you should go to setting and it should be on the left hand side. I’m taking a guess here you wish to redeem a guest pass code?

Did Funimation buy Crunchyroll?

Sony’s Funimation Global Group bought Crunchyroll for $1.175 billion in cash from AT&T, a deal that closed in August 2021 ” bringing together to former rivals.

How do you get free 60 days on Crunchyroll?

Anyone already subscribed to Funimation, Wakanim, or VRV will be offered 60 days of Crunchyroll Premium for free. Current subscribers to the non-Crunchyroll platforms will be emailed within the next few days (from March 1) to be offered the free 60 days.

Why can’t I log into Crunchyroll app?

1) Turn off wifi. 2) Open Crunchyroll App, log in and start the video (the video needs to be started and in a couple of frames). 3) Press your home button on your phone (if you do not have a home button, I’m not sure this trick will work). 4) Turn wifi back on, let it connect to your network.

Why can’ti log into my Crunchyroll account?

You need to make sure you are entering the correct username and login email along with your correct password. If you are still having trouble, you may reset your password by using the Password Reset Form to create a new password and trying again.

Is Crunchyroll account free?

Crunchyroll is an anime streaming service that offers over 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes of anime. Crunchyroll is free with ads, but users can upgrade to one of three ad-free membership tiers through the premium subscription service.

How much does Crunchyroll cost?

This subscription costs $7.99 a month and includes a 14-day free trial. In addition to removing all ads, the Crunchyroll Fan membership gives you more features and access to the entire library of anime, manga, and dorama.

How long is the free trial for Crunchyroll?

14-Day Free Trial of Premium Access Pick the plan that’s right for you, starting at just $7.99/month+taxes after free trial. Cancel anytime. By creating an account you’re agreeing to our Terms & Privacy Policy, and you confirm that you are at least 16 years old.

Is Funimation shut down?

While Funimation is staying online for the time being, it’s unlikely there will be any major updates at this point, as the platform inevitably winds down. One thing worth mentioning is that currently-airing anime will have new episodes released on Funimation as normal.

What happened to Crunchyroll?

Sony Pictures Entertainment officially acquired anime streaming service Crunchyroll from AT&T on Monday for $1.175 billion and outlined plans to combine it with its own Funimation offering to create one service. For the the rapidly growing group of folks who love anime, this is game-changing news.

How do I fix Crunchyroll offline?

*Not all titles are available for Offline Viewing. Offline episodes will expire after 7 days if they are unplayed and after 48 hours once playback has been started. To reset the expiration timers simply open the Crunchyroll app while connected to the internet. Renewal happens as soon as the account goes back online.

Why does Crunchyroll say oops something went wrong?

Go to Profile>Settings>My Devices, and remove the device off the list that you’re having issues with. Then close your browser and open it back up, and the error goes away.

How do I play Crunchyroll on my TV?

Once installed, log in using your Crunchyroll credentials. Make sure your Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone/iPad. Start playing the content in the Crunchyroll app and select the AirPlay icon. Choose your Samsung Smart TV and it will start displaying on your Smart TV.

Is Crunchyroll on Smart TV?

You have many options to watch your favorite anime shows and movies on Crunchyroll. You can choose whichever one best fits you and your house. With your cell phone, you can watch it just about anywhere on any tv, not just the Samsung Smart TV.