How do I cancel my Ibotta subscription?

Open Ibotta. Click the "Account" tab. Click "Help". Click "Canceling My Ibotta Account". Confirm that you want Ibotta to delete your account.

How do I remove my number from Ibotta?

Please submit a request to our Care Team to change the current phone number that is linked to your Ibotta account. When you submit a request to change the phone number linked to your account, please include your currently linked number in the description so that our Care Team can verify and remove the number.

Why did Ibotta take money from my account?

If you have a balance in your inactive account, an amount of $3.99 will be deducted from your account on a monthly basis until the account balance reaches zero. To avoid account maintenance fee deductions, complete a redemption for any offer in the app or browser extension at least once every six months.

Does Ibotta charge a fee?

There are no costs to use Ibotta, so it's a free way to earn some extra cash. Once you reach $20 in cash back earnings, you can request a payout. If you prefer, you can redeem your earnings for gift cards to popular retailers.

What happens if I deactivate my Ibotta account?

Please be aware, that deleted accounts will forfeit any remaining earnings. If you have a supported Apple device, you can delete your Ibotta account through the app. All you need to do is: Tap the Account icon on the bottom of the app screen.

Can I trust Ibotta?

Ibotta is a legitimate company and makes its money by getting a small commission (or a finders fee) whenever an item is purchased through the app. This business model is called affiliate marketing.

Is it safe to put your bank account on Ibotta?

When you link your debit card, all of your payment information is protected with 256-bit bank-level encryption. We are never able to see this information, and it is only used for gift card transactions. We partner with leading payment processing services that undergo routine security audits.

Does Ibotta steal your information?

Ibotta values our relationship with you and we take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. We will never sell or share your personally identifiable information, including your name, phone number, or email address.

How do I delete Ibotta app?

Tap the Account icon on the bottom of the app screen. Tap Settings. From here you should see the Deactivate Account section, tap this to cancel the Ibotta account. A confirmation pop-up will appear where you will click Deactivate Account as confirmation.

Why can't I cash out my Ibotta?

Being locked out from withdrawing your earnings means that we need to review a portion of your account. There are two main reasons why an account may become locked: Too many people have logged in using the same device, causing all Ibotta accounts on that device to become locked.

Do your Ibotta earnings expire?

You are free to keep earnings in your Ibotta account as long as you like, especially if you're saving up for something big! You may allow your earnings to stack up until you reach your personal goal and withdraw when the time is right for you.

How do I contact Ibotta?

You can always reach us directly at

What are the cons of Ibotta?

Cons: Offers can't be applied after purchase. To earn cash back from Ibotta, you'll have to claim offers before you make a purchase. It's just like a coupon in this way.

Is Ibotta taxable income?

No, Ibotta does not send any tax forms. It is the same as coupons. If you consider it income because you run a blog and have enough generating from that, then perhaps you would want to consider paying tax.

What app is better than Ibotta?

Checkout 51 Checkout 51 is the most similar app to Ibotta. In fact, the process of picking rebate offers and earning cash is nearly identical. Checkout 51 releases new rebates every Thursday. You browse through the app to add products to your Checkout 51 shopping list.

Can 2 people use the same receipt on Ibotta?

Tip: When you take advantage of identical offers across two Ibotta accounts, make sure you do separate transactions at checkout. You're only allowed to submit a receipt once. If you try to submit the same receipt into both you and your partner's account, your accounts could be flagged for fraudulent activity.

Does Ibotta check receipts?

After you have taken pictures of your receipt or scanned the receipt's barcode, the app will automatically attempt to match offers that have been added to your account to items that it reads on your receipt.

Is there a limit on Ibotta?

No maximum. I only take out for birthdays anniversaries and holidays. People will not get locked for having a certain amount of money they will get locked for fraudulent activity, audits, back to back rebates, returning items, taking money out as soon as you get it etc.

Is fetch or Ibotta better?

Fetch Rewards is easier to use than Ibotta and takes less time. However, Ibotta offers a more generous welcome bonus, a better selection of offers and flexible redemption options. These are both free, legitimate shopping apps that reward users when they buy featured items and upload their retail receipts.

Is Ibotta better than Rakuten?

Rakuten is an excellent option for earning cash back on online purchases because it doesn't require much effort. Ibotta is a great choice for grocery shopping because it often has offers on many different items you may frequently purchase.