How do I check my Mint account?

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How do I find my Mint account number and PIN?

Mint Mobile ” Dial 611 from your cellphone or call 213-372-7777 to request your account number and PIN. They only provide this information to the account holder on call, not via email.

How do I contact Mint Mobile support?

For questions please use the ChatBot on or in the Mint Mobile App or call us at 1(800) 683-7392.

How do I check my remaining data on Mint Mobile?

Option 1: Check out how much you’re using right now! Log into your current account and look for the section on your monthly data usage. Option 2: You can go to your phone’s settings (Settings > Cellular Data for iPhone, or for Android Settings Menu > Data Usage > Select Dates for Android).

Why can’t I log into Mint Mobile?

There are two ways to reset your Mint password: Online- Visit and choose the option to ‘Send Password. ‘ On the following screen, enter your Mint Mobile phone number and we’ll text you a temporary password. On the Mint Mobile app- Select ‘Login’ from the home screen, choose the ‘Forgot password?

Why is my Mint app not working?

True story: the most common fix for issues with data connection, text messages and domestic and international calling is simply turning your phone off and then back on. You can also try removing and reinserting your Mint Mobile SIM Card. This essentially re-registers your phone in the mobile network.

How do I find my account number on my phone?

Account Number: Normally the IMEI or MEID of the phone or if you brought your own phone, it’s the last 15 digits of the SIM card. PIN: Go to your My Account page then click Update personal profile and then Current Security PIN. If that field is blank, call Straight Talk at 1-877-430-2355.

What is my mobile account app?

My Mobile Account lets you manage your accounts with just the touch of a button! Check your data and minute usage or add more at any time. Stay on top of your refills, browse international plans and more.

How do you get a mint PIN?

Mint recently updated their app with a new support tab, and within the support tab you can quickly and easily message a customer care agent to get your account number and PIN.

How do I cancel my Mint Mobile account?

You may cancel Auto Renew or review your payment preferences at any time by (i) contacting our customer service department at (800) 683-7392, or (iii) managing your account preferences on the Mint Mobile website.

How do I talk to a human at Mint Mobile?

You can chat with us 24/7 at or hit us up at 1-800-683-7392 between 5am ” 7pm PST and we’ll walk you through setting up your sweet new phone.

How good is Mint Mobile customer service?

Mint Mobile holds a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 stars out of five (opens in new tab) with 79% of all users rating the service as ‘excellent’ (top marks) overall. With over six thousand reviews (6,800 in fact), we’d say that’s a pretty good gauge of how customers feel about the service as a whole right now.

What network does Mint Mobile use?

It runs on T-Mobile’s cellular network, which means it uses T-Mobile’s network but isn’t owned by the company. Mint Mobile’s wide variety of service offerings include multi-line plans, international calling and roaming, and Wi-Fi calling and texting. Cell Phone Plans Reviewed: Mint Mobile Unlimited.

How do I check my data balance?

Open the Google Fi website or app . Go to the Account tab. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your current data usage. Android: To see your daily breakdown select View overall or Daily data usage. iOS: To see your daily breakdown select See activity.

How much mobile data do I have left?

Fortunately, whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, understanding your data usage is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is go to your settings and click on the section that will either say ‘usage’ or ‘data’.

How much data do I have left on my phone for this month?

To check your current month’s usage on your Android phone, go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. The screen shows your billing period and the amount of cellular data you’ve used so far.

How do I reset my Mint Mobile network?

Turn your phone off and then on Turning your phone off and then back on will reset the connection between your phone and the network. This can often help if you’re having trouble receiving messages, using mobile data, or making calls.

How do I reset my password on mint?

Go to the Mint sign in page. Select your User ID or enter one of the following: Phone number (recommended). Follow the on-screen instructions. Once inside your account, change your password by selecting Sign in & Security and then Password.

Can I use Mint without linking my bank account?

You can use this feature to just manually enter your transactions without giving them your bank details.

Is using Mint a good idea?

Mint earns a spot on Forbes Advisors’ Best Budgeting Apps and is worth strong consideration for helping meet your budgeting needs. Mobile apps like Mint can automate your budgeting process and help you find ways to save and set aside money toward future goals. Account details and fees are accurate as of March 4, 2022.