How do I delete my AOL account online?

Visit Click My Services. Click Subscriptions. Click Manage next to the plan you’d like to cancel. If prompted, verify your account. Click Cancel. At the bottom of the page, click Cancel My Billing. Select a reason for canceling from the drop-down menu.

How do I cancel AOL email?

From your AOL Mail inbox, click on the newsletter or promo email. Click the Spam icon. If you’re given the option, click Unsubscribe and you will no longer receive messages from the mailing list.

How do I delete my AOL account on my phone?

Click Manage My Subscriptions at the top of the window. Click the Cancel option under your account. Select the reason you are cancelling, then click the Cancel AOL button.

Does AOL delete inactive accounts?

AOL will deactivate account after 12 months of inactivity. If you used this account as recovery email for some services, you should try to create a new account with same information.

Can you cancel AOL and keep your email?

If you pay for your AOL account, you can switch to a free AOL account and keep your AOL email addresses, software, settings and bookmarked favorite places for as long as you want.

Why can’t I delete my AOL account?

You can only close your account if it has no remaining balance and it’s been 90 days since you canceled your active subscriptions and paid plans. Visit your MyAccount page to cancel paid services and pay account balances.

How do I delete my AOL email account from Gmail?

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app . In the top left, tap the Menu . Scroll down, then tap Settings. Tap the Gmail account you’d like to unlink from your other account. In the “Linked Account” section, tap Unlink account. Choose whether to keep copies of emails from the account.

Can I delete my AOL account and reinstall?

If you uninstall the AOL software from your computer, you will no longer be notified when you receive a new email. You can download the software from AOL and reinstall it later, if you decide you need it.

How do I change my AOL email address?

AOL lets you close your account at any time. Unfortunately, you can’t change or modify your username once it’s been created. You can have one username per AOL account. A Primary username is the name you created when you first signed up for an AOL account.

How do I turn off AOL on my iPhone?

Tap the “On” button immediately to the right of the “Mail” icon. The button will toggle to the “Off” position, effectively signing you out of the email service for that account. You will no longer receive AOL emails on your device until you turn the account back on.

How do I turn off AOL Mail on my iPhone?

Log in to your AOL account. Go to Settings. Go to Spam Controls. Click Edit Spam Controls for the AOL 10.1 version’s mail control. Click Block Mail From Addresses I specify. Click Save.

Are AOL emails still active 2022?

Starting on April 30, 2022, you won’t be able to send or receive emails using your email address. You’ll temporarily still be able to sign in to your inbox to read old messages and access any files that were attached to emails, but you won’t be able to send or receive emails from your email address.

How do I delete my AOL account on my Mac?

In the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Accounts. Select an account, then click the Remove button . Note: If the account is used by other apps on your Mac, you’re asked to remove the account in Internet Accounts System Preferences.

Why do I get so much spam on AOL?

Why am I getting so many spam emails on AOL? It’s possible that you’re getting a lot of spam messages on your AOL because your email address is publicly visible. If that’s the case, consider hiding it from view or at least obfuscating it.

How long until AOL account is deleted?

What Happens to AOL Mail After 180 Inactive Days. If you don’t log in for an additional 90 days (a total of 180 days), your account is deleted. You might not be able to reclaim the email address. In addition, your emails, photos, and other email attachments are deleted.