How do I fix Hotspot Shield not working?

Update the app. Check your Internet connection. Make an exception for Hotspot Shield VPN in your firewall. Check if another VPN or proxy is running. Change your DNS settings. Connect to another Hotspot Shield VPN server. Reinstall the TAP-Windows driver.

Are Hotspot Shield servers down? is UP and reachable by us.

Why does Hotspot Shield keep disconnecting?

One change to your Wi-Fi signal or a fluctuation in your cell signal and you are disconnected from the Hotspot Shield VPN server. If you are traveling (by train, bus or car) or on the move, your connection is even more prone to frequent disconnects, as you get passed between multiple Wi-Fi networks and/or cell towers.

Why won’t my VPN connect to my hotspot?

It may be due to complications with the IP address assigned by your cell phone network. If possible, go to Settings, Cellular Networks, Preferred network type, and set it to 3G. Then try the VPN again.

Why does Hotspot Shield not work android?

To help determine what’s causing Hotspot Shield to disconnect, please ensure the following: Your Android is not rooted. To isolate the cause, temporarily disable any 3rd party app that may interfere with your connection. For example, a firewall with strict settings, or another VPN application or an antivirus.

Why VPN is not working today?

Failure to connect to the internet with a VPN is often caused by firewalls, blocked ports, outdated VPN software, or simply a failure of your router. Make sure that your firewall allows for use of the VPN, that your VPN software is updated, and that the right ports aren’t blocked.

Can Hotspot Shield be trusted?

Hotspot Shield is one of the most trusted, secure and fastest VPN on the market. First, it lets you access websites that are blocked in your country and by your local network (like in school or at work).

Is Hotspot Shield a virus?

Hotspot Shield is a personal VPN and is not an anti-virus program. Hotspot Shield encrypts your Internet session from end to end to protect your privacy, but doesn’t protect you from downloading bad files to your computer or your device. We recommend getting a reputable anti-virus/anti-malware solution.

Can’t connect to Hotspot Android?

Open the Settings app on your Android device. Scroll down and select System. Tap the arrow next to Advanced. Select Reset Options. Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. Follow the instructions on the screen. Confirm the information. Tap Reset.

How do I update Hotspot Shield?

Click the Start screen, then select Microsoft Store, under “Explore”. On the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select the account menu (the three dots) and then click Settings. Under App updates, set Update apps automatically to On.

What is the latest version of Hotspot Shield?


Why my mobile data Cannot Connect VPN?

If your VPN software is not working properly, you can do several things: check your network settings, change your server, make sure the right ports are opened, disable the firewall, and reinstall your VPN software. If none of the below methods are working, it’s time to contact your VPN provider.

Can VPN block hotspot?

And a VPN can be an effective way to stop your ISP from tethering your hotspot connection. All you have to do is install it on your laptop and mobile phone. For Android devices, the PdaNet+ app creates a fool-proof tunneling connection that mirrors the protocols your normal data usage APN would implement.

Why is my VPN blocking my internet?

DNS Configuration Issues The most common reason why you cannot browse the internet when connected to the VPN is a DNS configuration issue. Every website or domain name such as has an associated IP address.

Is Hotspot Shield a good VPN for gaming?

It is also more reliable and has a stronger signal. Do you want to maximize your gaming performance? If so, download Hotspot Shield VPN today. Our free gaming VPN can improve your gaming by preventing bandwidth throttling, decreasing latency, encrypting your gaming data, and keeping your online profile anonymous.

Does Hotspot Shield sell your data?

You can trust Hotspot Shield not to leak your personal information. It passed both our WebRTC and DNS leak tests. In addition, the company says it doesn’t log any browsing information. However, it does log information about the duration of your VPN sessions, though, as well as which VPN servers you accessed.

What type of VPN is Hotspot Shield?

Hotspot Shield VPN uses our proprietary Hydra protocol, which maximizes security and speed.

Why hotspot is not working for some apps?

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android phone. Step 2: Navigate to Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot menu. Step 3: Go Advanced > AP Band and select 2.4 GHz. Now try connecting the other device to the Android mobile hotspot again.

How do I clear my android hotspot cache?

Open your Android’s Settings. Find the Applications & Notifications area. Select Hotspot Shield. Tap Storage. Select both Clear Cache as well as Clear Data. Reboot your device and launch Hotspot Shield again.

How do I refresh my VPN connection?

Disable the VPN connection on the device off the cloud. After the status of the VPN connection on the cloud changes to Not connected, enable the VPN connection on the device off the cloud. Change the remote gateway IP address of the VPN connection on the cloud to any other IP address.