How do I get my Bluetooth headphones to work on Windows 11?

To fix Bluetooth audio issues on Windows 11, run the Bluetooth, Playing Audio, and Hardware and Devices troubleshooters. Then, disconnect unnecessary peripherals and update your OS, drivers, and apps to the latest version. If the issue persists, go to advanced settings, and disable Handsfree Telephony.

How do I connect earbuds to Windows 11?

On your PC, open the Settings menu via Start. Select Bluetooth & Devices on the right, then click the Add Device button. You can press this at the top or bottom of the menu—both will work. In the Add a device menu, click the Bluetooth option at the top.

Do TOZO earbuds work with PC?

If your PC fails to work with certain Bluetooth earbuds such as Tozo T6, you can try updating the onboard sound card drivers and Bluetooth drivers, which are essentially important to make sure your headphone work with your PC.

How do I connect my TOZO T12 to my laptop?

Pick up two headsets from charging case, and they will power and pair to each other automatically within 10 seconds. The indicators will flash to red and blue light alternatively. ( In pairing mode). Selecting the [TOZO-T12] from device list in your Bluetooth manual.

How do I fix Windows 11 not detecting my headphones?

Check your volume settings. Turn on your headphones. Turn off other speakers, headphones, and earphones. Inspect the headphones’ cable. Use Airplane mode to turn off other connected devices. Close and re-open the app. Check the in-app audio controls.

Why are my headphones not working Windows 11?

When Windows 11 is not detecting wired headphones, you should first make sure that the cable is connected properly to your PC. If this doesn’t do the trick, you should also consider restarting both your headset and the computer. This will ensure that you will be able to notice if audio jack stops working.

Does Windows 11 support Bluetooth?

How Do I Turn On Bluetooth in Windows 11? Bluetooth can be enabled (or disabled) from the Settings app or the Quick Settings menu on the taskbar. Once you have paired a Bluetooth device, it’s easy to use the Quick Settings toggle button to connect or disconnect the Bluetooth device.

How do I pair a paired Bluetooth device in Windows 11?

In “Bluetooth & Devices,” click the large “Add Device” button with a plus (“+”) on it near the top of the Settings window. In the “Add a Device” window that pops up, click “Bluetooth.” Next, make sure that the device you’re trying to connect is powered on and in pairing mode.

How do I install Bluetooth on Windows 11?

Click Start -> Settings -> Bluetooth & devices. Click Add device and click Bluetooth. The Windows system will automatically detect all Bluetooth devices in the range. Click the target device to pair it with your Windows 11 computer.

How do I connect my TOZO earbuds to Windows 10?

Open up the “Add Device” dialogue and select the “Bluetooth” option as this is the same dialogue you’ll use to pair your computer with any wireless device. Select your Tozo headphones and they should pair automatically whenever you take them out of the case.

Why wont my TOZO earbuds connect with my laptop?

If your TOZO earbuds aren’t working, pair them with another device and check if you notice any improvements. Then, run the Bluetooth and Playing Audio troubleshooters. Additionally, launch the Device Manager and disable the Avrcp Transport entry. Make sure to update your Bluetooth drivers.

How do I update TOZO T6 firmware?

Click below link to download the latest T6 update software. Install below update after you get into below screen in your mobile. Enable airplane mode on your phone to avoid interference. Turn on Bluetooth and ensure the connection with Earbuds TOZO-T6. ChxUpdate procedure.

How do I connect my T12 earbuds to my computer?

Take out the 2 headsets from charging base, they will power on automatically and will connect each other automatically within 10 seconds. The two earbuds flash red and blue alternately(Pairing mode). Search for pairing name[TOZO-T12] and select in your mobile.

Does TOZO have an app?

The TOZO APP offers diverse features for each of the supported TOZO devices and allows you to personalize and optimize your listening experience.

How do I turn Bluetooth on in Windows 10?

Select the Start button, then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. Select the Bluetooth toggle to turn it On or Off.