How do I get rid of line forwarded email on my Iphone?

After you hit reply or forward, highlight the whole email. Then hold down the option/command keys and click on the apostrophe key. Every time you hit the apostrophe key you’ll get rid of one more in the series of quote lines.

Why do some emails come in a vertical line?

Prefix each line of the original message: Like the previous option, but instead of indenting, each line of the original message is prefixed with either vertical bars, if your message is in HTML format, or a character, if your message is in plain text. In most cases today, email is in HTML format.

How do I get rid of the blue line in forwarded mail on Mac?

Question: Q: Removing Blue line in Forwarded Emails Here’s how to do it if you do not know: Open Mac Mail Preferences. Whilst in Mac Mail, from the top menu bar click on Mail and then Preferences. Under Composing > click on the Composing tab and Uncheck the “Increase quote level” checkbox.

How do I delete lines in copied emails?

When you copy text that has quotation lines, the lines can be removed by highlighting the text, choosing Format from the Menu Bar and selecting Quote Level > Decrease. Use this command as many times as you need to until the quotation lines are gone. The keystroke shortcut for this action is Option Command.

How do I get rid of quoted text in Gmail?

To do this, click and drag through the text to select it. Then click the Quote icon in the message body tools. This will offset the selected text with the vertical line. Note: To remove the quoted text effect, select the offset text, and click the Indent Less icon in the message body tools.

Why is there a line through my email?

Are you facing this issue for the received emails or even for sent emails as well? In prior versions of Outlook, a deleted IMAP message appeared in the message list with a strikethrough to indicate that the message was marked for delete. To delete the message from the mail server required a purge command.

How do I get rid of vertical lines in outlook?

Find and click the Clear formatting button just next to the font size and style fields. Step 5. Voila! The vertical line will instantly disappear.

What does lines mean on email?

An email subject line is the first text recipients see after your sender name when an email reaches their inbox.

How do I get rid of the Blue Line in Gmail?

You can’t remove the blue line completely from gmail. If you want to remove it when you are composing an email, press CTRL+A to select all of the text and then press SHIFT+Left arrow in order to remove indentation and blue bar.

Why are my emails highlighted in blue in Gmail?

turning blue means there is new mail.

How do I get rid of the blue highlight in my email?

Select a highlighted message in your inbox. Select Format > Show Colors from the menu bar. In the color box that appears, select the color palette from the top, and then select White.

How do I remove the divider in Word?

Place the cursor immediately above the horizontal line. On the Home tab, click the arrow next to the Borders and Shading button, and click No Border.

How do you change margins in Outlook?

Look at what you want to print in an Outlook preview pane. Click “Page Setup,” and then select the “Paper” tab. Change the margin values as needed. Click “OK” to save new printer margin settings and return to the page you want to print.

How do you quote in Gmail?

Open Gmail, and copy the part of the email you want to reply to. Click Reply . Click Formatting options Quotes . Next to the gray bar, paste the original message text. Press Enter and enter your response below the original message. Click Send.

What is increase quote level on my Iphone?

Another welcome formatting option for outgoing messages is that you can now manually increase or decrease the quotation level”the number of indentations and quote-level indicators”for any line of text (where line means any block of text uninterrupted by a paragraph break, a carriage return, or a hard return).

How do I get rid of the blue underline in Outlook?

To stop the underlining on Outlook: Select the gear icon at the top right; then Options; then on the left side select General; then under that select Manage Add-ins. UN-check “Suggested Meetings,” and Boomerang & Evernote (if they are also checked) & that will solve the problem.

Why does GMail Show quoted text?

The “Show quoted text” is only for your viewing. It is done by GMail when displaying the message, not when storing and sending it. Your recipients see the message in it’s entirety (unless they too are using GMail, and it might collapse it, but that’s not something you can control).

What is quoted text hidden GMail?

Viewing Quoted Text The quoted text that is sent along with each reply is hidden by default. Since you’re already in a conversation, you don’t really need it – you can expand each message in the conversation to view its content instead of having to untangle pages of quoted, indented text.

What is trimmed quoted text?

Trimming and reformatting When replying to long discussions, particularly in newsgroup discussions, quoted text from the original message is often trimmed so as to leave only the parts that are relevant to the reply”or only a reminder thereof.

What is the correct format of an email?

A valid email address consists of an email prefix and an email domain, both in acceptable formats. The prefix appears to the left of the @ symbol. The domain appears to the right of the @ symbol. For example, in the address, “example” is the email prefix, and “” is the email domain.