How do I hide battery usage on iPhone apps?

Go to the Settings app from your home screen, choose General, Usage, and Battery Usage. Then decide to display or hide battery usage for each app.

How do I delete recently deleted apps on iPhone?

Go into Settings, swipe down and select iTunes & App Store, navigate to Offload Unused Apps, and tap on the button to toggle it off. Tip: Use the Spotlight Search to find missing or deleted apps. Type the app's name and select the App Store icon if the app has been downloaded or offloaded.

How do you clear battery history on Samsung?

Delete batterystats. bin when android is running and reboot. (You can also do fast reboot from ROM Toolbox or Rebooter app. Delete batterystats. bin from recovery and reboot. Make a script that will delete batterystats. bin and (fast) reboot phone and create its shortcut on home screen.

How do I turn off battery activity?

Go to Settings on your phone. Tap on Battery. Make sure all three modes are toggled off: Performance mode, Power Saving mode and Ultra Power Saving mode.

How do I reset my battery stats?

Power the phone off and then turn it on again and then unplug the charger. Plug the charger in again and the battery at 100%, turn the phone on again and open the dialer, and type: *#9900#. Scroll down to "batterystats. bin reset" and tap.

How do you tell when a deleted app was last used?

Open the Google Play app on your device. In the menu, tap on “My Apps & Games,” on some Android devices it might say “Manage apps & device” instead. Tap on Manage at the top of this screen. Tap on Installed in the upper left-hand corner. A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Can you see recently deleted apps?

Find the deleted apps and tap on Install Find recently deleted apps from your Android Phone. As soon as you see the deleted app, tap on it and then click on the Install option to get it back on your phone. The Play Store will again download the app and install it on your device.

How do I permanently delete an app from iCloud?

Tap "Manage Storage" under the iCloud bar to delete unwanted apps. Be sure you choose the device you're currently holding in your hand, because you can't use this page to delete apps on a different device. You can save storage space by not backing up some apps.

What does it mean to optimize battery usage?

In case you're not familiar, battery optimization is a function (known as Doze) built into Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. It preserves battery life by limiting what apps can do in the background. Apps use what's called a wakelock to keep your device alive even while you're not actively using it.

How do I reset my iPhone battery health?

Step 1: Drain the Battery. The first step is to completely drain your iPhone battery. Step 2: Wait Three Hours. Step 3: Charge Your Device. Step 4: Drain Your Device. Step 5: Wait Another Three Hours. Step 6: Charge Your Device.

What is killing my iPhone battery?

If your iPhone battery is draining fast, a slew of factors can be responsible. Start by checking your battery's health in the Settings app; it might be time to replace the battery. You can also see which apps drain your battery the fastest, control your screen brightness, and disable location services.

What is using up my battery iPhone?

To see an overview of your battery level and activity for the last 24 hours and up to the last 10 days, go to Settings > Battery. When you tap one of the columns on your screen, you can see which apps contributed to your battery usage during that time period, and the proportion of battery used for the app.

What does wipe battery stats do?

This is only one step in maximizing your battery life, but you can also wipe the data related to your battery and start from scratch. Some claim that depending on the type of ROM your Android uses, wiping the battery stat can greatly increase the charge capacity of your phone.

What is calibrating a battery?

Answer. Battery Calibration is a built-in battery software. Calibrating the battery helps to reset the battery power setting. It can be done with a single click.

How do I restore my iPhone from 100 battery health?

At the bare minimum, you need to drain the battery until the device shuts off, charge your iPhone to 100%, and reset it by holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons until you see the Apple logo.

How do you find deleted history on a phone?

Enter your Google account credentials and tap on the "Data & Personalization" option; Press the view all button under the "Things you create and do" section and look for Google Chrome's icon; Tap on it and then hit the "Download Data" option to recover the deleted bookmarks and browsing history.

Where is recently deleted on iPhone?

On your iPhone, open the Photos app. Scroll down until you see the “Recently Deleted” album (it's listed under “Other Albums” Select “Recently Deleted”

Can you permanently delete an app?

At the top right, tap the Profile icon. Manage. Tap the name of the app you want to delete. Tap Uninstall.

Should I turn battery optimization on or off?

Turn on battery optimization for each app Important: If you turn off battery optimization for an app, that app can run more while you're not using it, even when adaptive battery is on. This can use more battery than needed.

What could be draining my phone battery?

High Display Brightness. We'll start with one of the more obvious causes for a fast-draining phone battery: screen brightness. Background Apps. Picture-in-Picture Mode. Staying Connected 24/7. An Old Phone Battery. Location-Tracking Apps. A Surplus of Notifications.