How do I reset my cloud storage camera?

Insert a paper clip into the small pinhole reset located on the back of the device and hold until the light flashes orange and green. Once you see the green and blue pulsing light on the front of your Amazon Cloud Cam, open the Cloud Cam app and begin the setup process.

How do I change my Amazon Cloud camera Wi-Fi?

To change the Wi-Fi network, tap the reset button located in the small hole on the back of the camera. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press firmly. The camera restarts and the indicator light pulses blue and green. Complete camera setup to change the Wi-Fi network.

How do I unregister Amazon Cloud camera?

Open the Cloud Cam app and tap the Settings icon (gear). Tap Remove Camera. To confirm, tap Remove.

Can you still use Amazon Cloud Cam?

Amazon today announced that it is dropping support for its Cloud Cam indoor security camera, which launched in 2017. In an email, Amazon said customers will no longer be able to use the Cloud Cam and all companion apps starting December 2, 2022.

How do I connect my Cloud camera to Wi-Fi?

Download the Amazon Cloud Cam app from your device’s appstore. Follow the instructions in the Amazon Cloud Cam app to connect to Wi-Fi and register your device. Complete setup and monitor your live view.

How do I turn off cloud storage?

Go to Settings > [your name], then tap iCloud. Tap Manage Storage > Backups. Tap the name of the device whose backup you’d like to delete. Tap Delete Backup > Turn Off & Delete.

What does a blinking yellow light mean on the Amazon Cloud Cam?

Slow pulse between blue and green​​: The device is in setup mode. Blinking yellow​​: The device has an error. To learn more, go to ​Troubleshoot Your Amazon Cloud Cam​. Solid green​​: The device is on.

Where is Amazon camera icon?

Click the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Amazon app.

Why did Amazon discontinue cloud cam?

The Cloud Cam was first announced in October 2017 and was discontinued two years later. Its failure boiled down to a high price tag, fierce competition ” between Google’s Nest and even Amazon’s other brands including Ring ” and mediocre functionality.

How do I get in contact with Amazon?

Call Amazon customer service Amazon’s customer service phone number is 1-888-280-4331, and that number is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Like most major retailers, Amazon prefers that you use one of its automated customer support methods.

Has cloud CAM been discontinued?

The Cloud Cam lineup launched in 2017 and wound down in late 2019 after Amazon acquired the security camera makers Blink and Ring. Now, Amazon is following a well-established pattern of companies bricking smart home hardware because they no longer want to support its ecosystem.

Is cloud cam still supported?

“Therefore, we have decided to no longer continue support for Amazon Cloud Cam and its companion apps.” But Amazon isn’t just ending support ” it’s bricking these things. “On December 2, 2022, you will no longer be able to use your Cloud Cam device or its companion apps,” the email added.

How do I view my Amazon Cloud Cam on my computer?

To use Live view, open the Cloud Cam app or visit from a supported web browser. Your live view will automatically load on the main screen as long as you have a Wi-Fi speed of 2 Mbps or higher. You can stream multiple live views simultaneously from the computer.

What is Amazon camera app?

Amazon’s indoor security camera features everything you need to help keep your home safe. With Cloud Cam, you get only the alerts that matter. As soon as activity is detected you’ll be notified through real-time notifications, allowing you to keep a tab on your home from anywhere.

How do I add a family member to CloudEdge?

Click the “friend” icon in the main interface. Enter an account (the account must be registered in CloudEdge APP successfully in advance),click “add”.

Do I really need iCloud?

You should definitely use iCloud backup. Whether it’s a toilet phone or you leave it on the roof of your car, iPhones live dangerous lives and you should always have a backup. iCloud Backups count against your available iCloud Storage.

Can you turn off red light on blink camera?

Sometimes your blink camera flashes red LED light due to motion detection. In most cases, this flashing comes as blue, but few cameras also include red. You can turn on or off this indicator from the camera setting.

What does it mean when Alexa is yellow?

A pulsing yellow light is telling you that you have messages in your inbox. You can say, “Play my messages” or “Check my notifications” for more information.

Are Amazon drivers monitored?

The Netradyne camera, which requires Amazon drivers to sign consent forms to release their biometric data, has four lenses that record drivers when they detect “events” such as following another vehicle too closely, stop sign and street light violations, and distracted driving.

Why is my Amazon Cloud cam in black and white?

The camera operates in color when there’s enough light, and switches to a black-and-white scene to clearly show a dark room using its eight infrared LED lights.