How do you add friends on Discord?

Open the Discord desktop app on your computer. Click the server you want to add users to in the left side menu. Click the server name to open the drop-down menu. Select Invite People. Click Copy to copy the link and send it to those you want to join the server.

Why can't I send a friend request on Discord?

Turned On Privacy Settings If you cannot send friend requests to some users, they simply have disabled receiving friend requests in Discord settings. Anyone in Discord can disable friend requests from any user or people from mutual servers. They can also disable friend requests from everyone.

How do you send a friend request?

You can send a Friend's request on the search result page. Or open the profile of the person you want to send a Friend's request. To send request on the search results page, to the right of the person's name, tap the friend request icon.

How do I send a request to Discord?

Open the Servers' channel and click on the username of the person you'd like to friend. Then, hover over their profile image to 'View Profile. ' You'll be taken to their profile page where you can click on the 'Send Friend Request' button.

How do you add people on Discord without username?

You can find this button in the upper-right corner of your "Friends" page. It will open the "Add Friend" form on a new page. Enter your friend's Discord Tag into the "DiscordTag#0000" field. Tap the text field at the top of the page, and type your friend's Discord Tag here.

How do I find a friend's Discord link?

Open Discord and go to the settings menu on the bottom left corner. Scroll down the settings menu and look for “Appearance”. Now go to the person you want to copy the link from and right-click on their name. Open the browser and type in the following link “”.

How do you add friends on Discord mobile?

Click the Friends tab at the top of the DIRECT MESSAGES sidebar, then click the green Add Friend button. Enter their Discord username in the empty field, then click Send Friend Request.

Why can't I find someone on Discord?

The main reason behind you didn't find the certain user is searching with a misspelled ID name or incorrect name tag. In addition to that, the disabled ID of the user, server issue of the discord, software glitch on your system can also be reasoned.

Why is the add friend button missing?

Note. If you don't see the “Add as Friend” button, it's because the person you're trying to befriend has adjusted her privacy settings to block friend requests (see Chapter 14 for details). Fill out the confirmation box that appears and then click Send Request.

How do I send a friend request to a locked profile?

First of all, go to Locked Profile on your laptop or desktop. Then right click on the profile picture. Now tap on Copy Image Address. Open a new window and paste the URL in it.

Where are friend requests on Discord app?

If you've received a Friend Request, you'll see a red notification on your Friends tab! Press the icon to be redirected to the Friends tab and check on your Pending requests! From here, you can confirm adding this user as a Friend, or ignore the friend request!

Do friend requests expire on Discord?

They last until the person who receives them logs off after receiving it, or declines it while online.

How do I find someone on Discord ID?

If you have the person's unique ID and their username, finding someone on Discord is straightforward by simply using the Add Friend function. Open Discord, go to Home, then click Add Friend. You need to enter both the username and the ID number, for example, DiscordUser#0000.

What's a good Discord name?

Potato. BunnyEars. TomatoJuice. BearBelly. HoldMyPurse. CrisPBacon. CrabbyPatty. IdiotGuy.

Can I find someone on Discord with phone number?

Connecting with your friends on Discord just got a whole lot easier! Introducing Find Your Friends – allowing you to discover friends on Discord using your phone contacts!

Why can't I send a friend request to someone?

You or the person you want to add can only get friend requests from friends of friends. One of you may have set your privacy settings to get friend requests only from friends of friends on Facebook. Ask them to send you a request instead or change your privacy settings.

How do you see friend requests you've sent?

Mobile browser: Friends > Friend Requests > View sent requests. Desktop browser: Friends > Friend Requests > View sent requests. App: Menu > Friends > See All > More (three dots) > View Sent Requests.

What happens when someone rejects friend request?

They will not be notified that their friend request was declined, but they will be able to send you another friend request in the future. If you take no action on the request they've sent you, they will not be able send you another friend request.

Who can send friend request?

For the question, Who can send you friend requests? select Friends of Friends and then click Done. Now, only friends of your Facebook friends will be able to send you friend requests, and according to Facebook, your profile will appear in the People You May Know section only for people who are friends of friends.

How can I see a locked profile picture?

Log in to your Facebook account. Go to the profile of the person you want to view the locked picture of. Right-click on the profile picture. Click on “copy image URL”. Paste the same in the address bar. Hit enter and the profile picture will be visible to you.