How do you change the address on a UPS package?

Select the Tracking tab along the top of this page. Enter your Tracking Number and go to the Tracking Details page. Choose the Correct My Address button. In the Address Modification window, choose an option from the drop-down menu in the New Delivery Address section.

Can I change my shipping address after it’s been shipped UPS?

You can request delivery changes online through your shipping history and the tracking page, WorldShip®, UPS CampusShip®, or Quantum View®. Both you and the receiver can use the package’s tracking number to check the status of the intercept request.

What happens if UPS has the wrong address?

Reroute your package to a different location or change the delivery date. If that does not work, call UPS directly at 1-800-PICK-UPS.

Can you reroute a package that has already been shipped UPS?

You can request delivery changes for packages you sent, prior to first delivery attempt, by using UPS Delivery InterceptSM. Get packages returned to you, redirected to another address, rescheduled to another day, or held for pickup by the recipient.

How do I correct an incorrect address USPS?

Inform the sender that the address is incorrect, and ask them to ship it to a different address. They may request that you pay the fee for using the Package Intercept service, or they may ask you to cancel your order and make a new one. It is possible that the retailer will say there is nothing that they can do.

Does UPS charge for address corrections?

UPS may also correct or complete an address based on information obtained from the shipper or consignee. An Address Correction charge will be assessed to the shipper for an address correction or completion. UPS Ground with Freight Pricing $13.40 per package up to a maximum of $91.00 per shipment.

How many times will UPS attempt delivery?

UPS may make up to three delivery attempts at its discretion at your address on regular UPS delivery days. After the final attempt, undeliverable packages will be returned to the sender. To prevent your package from being returned or to make alternate delivery arrangements, track your package.

Can I intercept my UPS package?

You can request an intercept from the tracking detail page when tracking your package or you can follow the steps below to request one from your shipping history. Please note: you must request an intercept prior to the first delivery attempt. Log in below to view your shipping history.

What happens if you miss a UPS delivery?

We are unable to provide two delivery attempts on the same day. Your driver may make a second attempt on the next business day and a third attempt on the following business day, if necessary. Where available, your shipment may be taken to your nearest UPS Access Point location” for collection.

How do I contact UPS If I shipped a package to the wrong address?

Please visit our Customer Help and Support Center or call 1-888-742-5877.

How do I reroute a UPS package?

Open Your Dashboard. Log in to to view your My Choice dashboard. Select Your Package. Click on “Delivery Options.”. Follow the Prompts. Reroute your package to a different location or change the delivery date.

Will UPS leave package if not home?

Shipments that do not require a signature can be left in a safe place, out of sight and out of weather, at the driver’s discretion. This could include the front porch, side door, back porch, garage area, or with a neighbour or leasing office (which would be noted in a yellow UPS InfoNotice® left by the driver).

What happens if I miss UPS 3 times?

Unless it was a C.O.D. delivery, UPS will hold your shipment for five business days at the nearest UPS center. If the shipment is not picked up within five business days, it will be returned to the sender.

Does UPS take pictures of delivery?

The carrier will take a photo of your package being delivered so you know exactly where the package was placed. Our researchers then contacted major mail carriers: UPS, FedEx, DHL and the U.S. Postal Service.

Does UPS call when delivering?

The driver may call the contact number to assist with the collection. Unfortunately, not all drivers carry phones for health and safety reasons – as such a call is not guaranteed.

Can UPS leave a package that requires a signature?

Can I leave a note for UPS if a signature is required? Yes, you can leave a note directing UPS to have the package signed by a neighbor or have it delivered to a different location. Otherwise, UPS Signature Required packages cannot be delivered unsigned.

Who is responsible if package is delivered to wrong address?

The short answer is: The seller, which means you, the business owner. Obviously, if you printed the wrong address on the shipping label, didn’t include a return address, or poorly packaged the item, it’s 100% on you to compensate the customer with a new shipment or a refund.

Can you reroute a package?

In most cases, only the sender of the package can redirect a parcel to another destination. Therefore, if someone got a hold of your tracking number, almost in every case, they will not be able to change the address and reroute a shipment.

How do I get UPS to leave my package without signature?

If the package doesn’t require a signature, but you’re concerned UPS may not leave it for you, you can click the “Provide Delivery Instructions” button at the right side of the details view. Click the “Leave At” box and select a location where you’d like UPS to leave the package.

What happens if UPS leaves a package and it is stolen?

UPS. As the intended recipient of a lost or stolen UPS package, you can contact the seller. The seller can either refund you or file a claim to recoup the missing shipment with UPS. (You need the seller’s contact information if you want to go this route.)