Is Audible worth it or not?

My conclusion is that Audible is definitely worth the price. You’ll get unlimited listening access to a great selection of audiobooks, one audiobook to keep forever each month, and all the intangible benefits that come with reading more books, be they fiction or nonfiction titles.

Is there anything like Audible but free?

LibriVox, like OverDrive, is a completely free place to download audiobooks. However, unlike OverDrive, there are no strings attached to listening to what you want to hear.

What are the disadvantages of Audible?

You might end up spending more than you need to If listening to an audiobook every month (or 12 in a year) is too much for your schedule, then Audible might not be a good fit for you. That’s because you’ll basically be paying for a monthly subscription that you aren’t fully taking advantage of.

Is Audible free for Prime members?

Is Audible free with Prime? No. An Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership is separate from a Prime membership.

Can you only listen to one book a month on Audible?

Start searching for titles Every month that you’re an Audible member, you’ll receive one credit, which is good for any title, regardless of price. But of course, you’ll want to listen to more than just one book a month. In that case, you’ll have to buy these additional titles.

Why is Audible so popular?

But beyond the vast library, the key that makes Audible so popular is that it offers you access to incredible audiobooks at a discounted rate, so you never have to pay full price for an audiobook ever again.

Which is the best audiobook app for free?

LibriVox Audiobooks. Audible Audiobooks. Scribd. Google Play Books. Storytel.

What’s the best alternative to Audible?

Libby App by Overdrive. Kobo Books. Google Play Books. LibriVox. Scribd. Hoopla. eStories. AudioBook Boom.

Is there something better then Audible?

1. Audiobooks Now. Audiobooks is a strong audible alternative, with a collection of more than 85000 titles (Audible has more than 200,000 audiobooks) and have apps available for both iOS and Android platform.

Which is better Scribd or Audible?

The key differences between Scribd and Audible are, with Audible, you have higher audio quality, the largest library, and you own the audiobooks forever. With Scribd, you have access to written content, a flat monthly fee to listen, but a much smaller library of books you will never own.

What does Audible membership give you?

A monthly credit to buy any title you like, regardless of price”yours to keep, even if you cancel. Access to thousands of titles in the Plus Catalogue, including Audible Originals, audiobooks and podcasts. Listen all you want, no credits needed. Exclusive member-only deals.

What are the pros and cons of an audiobook?

Pro #1 ” Master of Multi-Tasking. Con #1 ” You’ve Lost That Touching Feeling. Pro #2 ” Perfectly Portable. Con #2 ” The Voices in Your Head. Pro #3 ” Accessibility. Con #3 ” The Price Is Not Always Nice. Pro #4 ” Storytime. Con #4 ” Time Is Not On Your Side.

Why are audio books so expensive?

The Cost of an Audiobook Is Related to the Cost of Production. Just as hardcover books can range in length, audiobooks can range in length as well as production scale. The average cost per finished hour of production is around $300 to $400.

How much does Audible really cost?

You get 1 credit a month to redeem for any audiobook on Audible and unlimited access to the Audible Plus Catalog for $14.95/month.

Can I still access my books if I cancel Audible?

What happens to my purchased audiobooks if I cancel my Audible Premium Plus membership? Nothing at all. Any titles you purchase with a credit or credit card are yours to keep forever. We’re sorry you want to cancel.

Which is the best audiobook app?

Audible is the best-known of the audiobook apps, if only because it’s owned by Amazon. Because of its provenance, it has plenty of titles in stock”about 200,000 of them. Audible has two membership levels: Audible Plus ($7.95 per month) and Audible Premium Plus (starts at $14.95 per month).

How many books can I listen to a month on Audible?

By signing up to Audible on the standard membership, you receive one new audiobook every month you are a member.

Is Apple books better than Audible?

Take membership service into consideration, Apple Books has no advantage over Audible in price. But from the perspective of user experience, listening to audiobooks via the Apple Book app is easier, smoother, and more pleasant.

Who uses Audible?

The average audiobook users are affluent men, aged between 18 and 34 years old, who listen to at least four audiobooks every 12 months. Their main reasons for doing so include entertainment and brain stimulation. Overall, men, far more than women, listen to audiobooks while working, commuting and running outdoors.

What is the cheapest way to get audiobooks?

Check Your Local Library. Your local library is a great place to rent audiobooks. Use Multiple Audible Promos. Add-On Narration for Kindle EBooks. Listen to Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks. Affordable Alternatives to Audible. Download Free Audiobooks.