What are the best aim settings in Apex?

5 will work if your aim is already pretty good. However, 4 will suffice for most players. Sensitivity (ADS) ” Much like the regular sensitivity, the trade-off is between responsiveness and accuracy. Al ower sensitivity is easier to aim with, but it will be slower.

Is Aim assist in Apex good?

Aim assist on console has been a controversial topic in the Apex Legends community for a long time, with some players calling out the feature as too powerful, and others arguing that it’s not strong enough to compete with mouse and keyboard.

Is Apex easier with controller?

Keyboard and mouse is definitely harder to learn. It takes more muscle memory with all the keys you have. You also have to practice your aim ALOT if you wanna be a top player. Controller on the other hand is pretty easy to pick up but it’s still a skill gap.

Which target Aim Assist mode is best?

Standard and Dynamic both have their separate place, but when sniping, it’s best to leave it on the one that you prefer. However, for Target Aim Assist Mode, we’d recommend Precision.

Does FOV mess up aim assist?

Having a high FOV shrinks targets at long range to fit more into your screen, and this makes them difficult to hit ” especially when accounting for Aim Assist.

How do I turn on Aim Assist?

Verify Aim Assist is on Go to the Settings menu in-game. Navigate to the Controller Options section of the Settings. Under Sensitivity set Advanced Options to On. Make sure the Aim Assist Strength is set to 100% (or lower if you prefer).

Should I use ALC in Apex?

This Apex ALC setting works like any other aimbots settings would in an FPS game. For new players, it’s recommended to keep this setting on as having that will help them aim better. But for advanced players, it’s optional to keep it on or off since sometimes it will reduce the pinpoint accuracy.

Did apex change aim assist?

Apex Legends YouTuber Thordan Smash has revealed a leak from the game files that indicates Respawn has altered aim assist in custom lobbies. Specifically, they appear to have changed the verbiage on console, and the PC override values: “All platforms will use PC aim assist values when enabled”.

How do I find my perfect apex Sens?

Go into firing range. Flick your recticle between the dummies and make note of its movements. Go to the Main Menu. Click on the gear symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

What Mouse does iiTzTimmy use?

iiTzTimmy uses the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition mouse. This is one of the more popular wireless gaming mouses used by streamers and pro esports players. It weighs in at just 75 grams, packs in a HERO 25K sensor for high levels of precision, and has a maxed out 25,600 DPI.

Who is the best Apex controller player?

Daltoosh is easily the best apex legends player on a controller. The very reason Daltoosh got this spot is that he is so good with the very best guns in the game; he does a phenomenal job using them. His gameplay focuses on engaging with one player at a time, which shows that his game works on a calculated basis.

How many apex predators are controller players?

Re: (PC) 70-80% Diamond-Master are controller players I can tell anyone, Apex Legends with a controller on PC with high FPS, is super easy. I can say that after 6 months of learning mouse and keyboard. WIth controllers you don’t need to try and aim, the device does most of it for you.

Which is better aim assist on or off?

Originally Answered: Is it better to turn off the aim assist in PUBG Mobile? Yes, but only if you have good device with smooth texture. First of all, Aim assist makes you aim accurate. If you are shooting an enemy , it will pull towards the enemy.

Is Precision Aim Assist good?

It is a great starting point for any player who is unsure of what to choose. More relaxed than the Standard is the Precision aim assist option. This setting allows veteran players to have more control over their aim and lowers the slow down when aiming towards an enemy.

Should Deadzone be high or low?

A low deadzone is more responsive, a subtle touch will result in an input, on the flip side, if your controller is a little worn or the sticks are a little loose it could lead to drift. Larger deadzones trade off slower responsiveness to avoid accidental inputs.

What is the best Deadzone?

Deadzone: 0.05. Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: Five to six. Vertical Stick Sensitivity: Five to six. Setting your sensitivity to around five and six will compliment your deadzone setting nicely.

What FOV do pros use Apex?

For anyone who wants to get better in Apex Legends, FOV should be set at around 96 to 104, giving players with larger screens better opportunities to secure their targets. These numbers would differ further depending on the console where the game is being played.

What FOV should I play on Apex?

Setting your FOV to 90 is perfect if you want to strike a balance between fighting at both long and short-range as it offers good vision for both. Going with 90 doesn’t give you the tunnel vision-like feeling of slightly lower settings, and is a bit more natural than reaching 100 or even going beyond that.

Is Aim assist weaker on PC?

Aim-assist is stronger on PC than on Xbox.

How do I get controller aim assist?

Firstly launch Fortnite and then go to the settings menu. Then navigate to the Controller Options section of the Settings. Under Sensitivity, set Advanced Options to On Here, you can set the Aim Assist Strength to your preferences.