Where is profile picture option in zoom?

But you can also add a profile picture during your Zoom video call. Just right-click on More the video preview and select Edit Profile. When you stop the video, you can see your picture. The option to edit your profile picture won't always appear.

How do I put a picture on zoom when my video is off?

STEP 1-Launch the Zoom app on your smartphone. STEP 2- If you've not added a Zoom Profile Picture, you can add an image from your gallery or click a new one. STEP 3- Now click on the 'Stop Video' icon to show your profile picture instead of video during a Zoom Meeting.

Why can't I add a profile picture to zoom?

If you click the Security button in Zoom's toolbar you'll see a Hide Profile Pictures option. If this is option is checked, uncheck it to display profile photos when the video is off.