Where is the Outlook PST file located?

Outlook. pst is stored in the drive:Documents and SettingsuserLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook folder. Notes: The default location of the . pst file is a hidden folder.

How do I retrieve an Outlook PST file?

Choose: File-> Open-> Outlook Data File…. Browse to the location where you’ve restored the pst file. You’ll now see an additional set of folders added to your folder list which you can expand. In this folder select the messages you want to restore to the original Inbox folder.

Can not find Outlook PST file?

a) Go to Control Panel >Mail > Show Profiles > select the Outlook profile > Properties > Data files tab > Add > OK. b) Now select the new data file and click on Set as Default > Yes > Close and try starting Outlook and check.

How do I find my PST file in Outlook 2016?

From the main view in Outlook, select “File” > “Account Settings” > “Account Settings” > “Data Files“. The path will be shown under the “Location” heading. Files listed here are personal folders (PST) or offline files (OST).

How do I know if I have a PST file?

In Outlook, click File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings. Click the “Data Files” tab; Personal folders (examples: archive.pst, outlook.pst, username.pst) appear in this list and are the files that should be emptied and removed.

How do I move my Outlook PST file to a new computer?

Go to the File tab and click Open & Export > Import/Export. In Import and Export Wizard, click on Import from another program or file, and hit Next to proceed further. Now select Outlook data file (. pst) and click Next.

Why can’t I find my PST file?

The Outlook PST file missing can be caused by many factors. Corruption of the PST file. Mailbox has exceeded its size limit and bring issues with the Office program. The conflict between the Outlook software and the other software that has recently been installed on the computer.

Where is my PST file in Outlook 2010?

Open Outlook and right click on the top level of your email folder structure on your left-hand side. It will likely be named with your email address, unless you have renamed it to something else. So right click on it, and then choose Data File Properties. To find your Outlook 2010 PST file, choose Data File Properties.

Can’t open Outlook PST file missing?

In the “Account Settings” dialogue box Click “Change Folder”. Click New Outlook Data File-> click Office Outlook Personal Folders File-> click OK. Browse and locate the . pst file of old profile-> click OK.

Why have my Outlook folders disappeared?

Causes for Missing Outlook Folders Some of your Outlook folders are hidden. A folder was inadvertently deleted. Outlook isn’t syncing with the server. The personal folder file is damaged.

How do I find missing subfolders in Outlook?

Go back to the “View” dialog box, then select “Change View”. Click on “Apply current view to other mail folders”. Next, activate the option “for mailboxes and their subfolders.” Finally, click OK. After that, restart the application and try to open a previously non-opening folder.